About Alan

Born in 1977, Alan Tod is the artistic name of Julien Alain Louis Isoré. Julien Isoré began painting at age 10 and was interested in biology and the history of art. At the age of 24, after a master's degree in public law and a post degree in comparative intellectual property , Julien works for the National French television in entertainment as an artistic collaborator. At the age of 28, Julien Isoré opens his first painting studio in Paris and launches his first work of Total art: the international advertising campaign for love (LOVE: www.artforlove.fr). In 2007, he joined the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon (cieba) with his project: "Comparative LAB" (https://dessinisore.blogspot.com/) in collaboration with the School of Medicine of Lisbon and the School of Sociology of the “Imaginaire” of the University of La Sorbonne. He produces and organizes international exhibitions, collective performances, published articles and festivals on the theme of the collective imaginary and its relationship with art. He is particularly interested in the process of building new cultures and finding new spirit of art. Since 2014, Julien works under the name of Alan Tod and has been proposing the FOREST ART (FOREST IS ART) and collaborating with the biologist Fernando Souza (Bazel, Switzerland) and with the artist Marta de Menezes (Lisbon, PT) to develop bio-arte works. The forest embassy is exhibiting in remarkable shows in New York, Mexico or Lisbon. In 2019, Alan is a PHD Candidate in Fine Art (Arte Plasticas).

Public Exhibitions

2020 Janvier : Palimpsesto. Penafiel Museum. PT Mai : "Forest Embassy" performance at Grace Exhibition Space. New York. USA.

2019 December : Trans(form)ar. Odemira. PT October : (Be)Coming. Lisbon. PT June : "Forest Porn" Stranglelove Festival. Antwerp. BEL

Novembre : Forest Art. FACTT. Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico city. MEX.
Octobre : Forest Art. FACTT. Bio art Lab. School of visual art, New York.USA Septembre : Forest Art. FACTT. Galeria Ler Devagar, Lisbonne. PT
Aout : Forest Art . Galeria Cultivamos cultura. Sao Luis. PT
Février : Forest Art , « Texturas », Bellas artes, Lisbonne. PT

Forest art : « Monstras de Sao Luis », Galeria Cultivamos Cultura, Sao Luis.PT

Forest art : « Andanças Festival », Alentejo, Portugal. PT

Peinture : « O manifesto da Gruta ». Plataforma Revolver. Lisbonne. PT

Performance : « Diner D’adieu de l’humanité ». Galerie La Générale. Paris. FR

Commission : « Processus de l’imaginaire ». Plataforma Revolver. Lisbonne. PT
Dessins «Anatomie comparative», Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Lisbonne. PT
Dessins. Corporis Fabrica, Université de Médecine, Lisbonne. PT
Performance : « LOVE » , white museum. New York. USA

Performance : « LOVE » Grand Mother india Agency. Mumbai. IND.

Peinture, Institut français du Portugal, Lisbonne. PT.
Performance : « LOVE ». University of Shanghai. CHI.
Peinture, «Artistas Solidarios», Oïkos, Casino Lisboa, Lisbonne. PT

Performance : « LOVE » Place Georges-Pompidou. Paris. FR
Performance : « LOVE » Place du palaise Royale. Bruxelles. BEL

Peinture. Galerie des AAB, Paris.FR.


Publication de visuel de FOREST ART dans le catalogue de la galerie Cultivamos Cultura.

Publications de dessins, poèmes, fictions, critiques d’art et portfolio de performances et d’expositions dans «Les cahiers européens de l’imaginaire » Cnrs éditons, Paris. FR

Visuel de Peintures, catalogue «Artistas Solidarios», Oïkos, Casino Lisboa, 2010, Lisbonne.

Interview «Projet AMOUR», Revue «SO chic», Paris.