Installation made of near by forest soil elements visiting the space of the musem as a forest embassy. New York - Lisbonne - Mexico city.

Soil embassy from Maryland in NYC, at SVA. NY. USA. 2018. FACTT curated by Marta de Menezes. Forest from Maryland is visiting the bio-art lab of the SVA of New York. The soil is competing the aesthetic of the art production from the lab.
Soil basquet , collective show "TEXTURAS" – feb. 2018 at FBAUL, curated by Marta de Menezes. Lisbonne. Dried elements collected from Alentejo Landscape. In Alentejo, the landscape is damaged by the presence of monoculture of Eucalyptus. With this soil boxe, the Alentejo landsape is travelling to the gallery space to show its diversity as an artistic artefact.
SOIL Embassy. FACTT festival. Centro de Cultura Digital. Mexico city. Mexico. 2018 Soil, seeds, woods and leaves from a near by forest.

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