The wilds

The Wild(wo)man is an ancient figure made of leaves, feathers, or hairs. It comes from the forest, to society to spread magic poetry. It invites all artists from the forest to wake up and spread the news. The Wild(wo)man is saying - in spectacular ways - “forest is art”. A friend of indigeneity, working in the long form, conscious of what is present, past, and future. The Wild(wo)man could be the allegory of some original indigeneity challenging the meaning of property. The Wild(wo)man questions colonization within another approach. What if the wild land would be our ultimate work of art ? The visual artwork questions the praxis of giving a space for a forest as a sculpture.
Here the research tends to look for a visual form for the wild(wo)man.

The wild(wo)man. Forest-Embassy. 2020. Photography. 2020.

Portfolio available on demand.

Last update: March 15, 2021