Hello my name is Alan Tod and I am a forest artist. As an ambassador I am here to make the forest a work of art, as a cultural artefact rising up our new culture of the global era. From a theoretical point of view, I am a painter of the classical questions in art: I do optic and total art. I see Art as a polymathic protocol to create spirit and totality.

Forest-Art produces forest as sculpture, fertile soils as organic installations, Vivarium as alive sculptures, alive stories, new laws and new rights for forest, painting, photography, films, conferences and performances. Forest-Art aesthetic opens new state of mind where plant intelligence is challenging our perception of reality beauty and life.

Forest-Art is about transcending the Forest’s message in Art, as much as it is transcending the Art’s message in Forest. Painting a Forest in Forest-Art is planting it, or making a ready-planted forest as a ready-made sculpture. In Forest-Art, we don't talk about ecology, we do it.

Planting trees while waiting the eagles return is the image of the new economy and the new art. It is not me who exist neither you. Only dialogue between you and me manifest in the real. You are greater than I because we are together. In Vibrationism, it doesn’t matter if the proposal receives approval or rejection of the audience ; the only thing that matters is that it exists: There, somewhere.


"spirit". Photography. 39 x 26 cm. 2015