"Bloody spring never ends" 2014-2016

*“Bloody spring never ends”. *2015-2017. Digital Photography series. Variable formats. The series is made during a residency of three years observing the valley of Arqueta, in Serra de Monchique, Portugal. As Arqueta Valley is oriented to south, succulents, agaves and cactus from Latin America can spread easily. Some years ago, a painter had planted a garden around the house. The scientifical information is that flowers bloom in the same time of their species wherever they are in the planet as a collective species. When the Falls arrive in the north hemisphere, those plants from the south bloom. species. A sort of Japanese-red/vermilion color or neo- pink/violet color on flowers contrast to blue of winter in the Algarve landscape, in spring, the yellow light welcomes flowers from Europa and north Africa. Hiding the plants from south hemisphere of the local landscape. The work is a homage of the obsession of the impressionist painters to paint flowers as much as that it is an irony regarding their love to nature. Behind the beauty of flowers, there is no more blue winter to paint, bloody spring never ends.

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